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WHR-140 Comparable Replacement Shower Filter by Tier1

$14.99 List Price $20.99 Save 28%
Availability: In Stock
Fits Culligan WHR-140 Shower Filter Cartridge for WSH-C125, HSH-C135, WSH-C125, RDSH-C115, HSH-C135, HSH-BN135, ISH-100, ISH-200, ISH-300, S-H200-C, S-H200-BN, S-W100-C, S-W100-BN and ISH-100 Shower Filter Systems.
  • KDF media and activated carbon reduce odor, scale, and chlorine
  • No tools required for installation
  • Filter life of 10,000 gallons or 6 months depending on water usage
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The Culligan-WHR-140 Level 2 comparable shower filter cartridge by Tier1 uses KDF Media and Activated Carbon filter material to reduce sulfur odor, chlorine, and scale. KDF is a high-purity alloy of copper and zinc, that reduces chlorine and harmful pesticides and organic compounds. It also discourages the growth of mold, fungi and algae. The TIER1 SF-WHR-140 will give you softer, cleaner hair and skin.

Experience the Tier1 Difference

Tier1 manufactures high-quality filtration and household products. We take creating and maintaining a healthy home seriously. Products must undergo rigorous testing and meet demanding quality expectations in order to earn the Tier1 badge. Every purchase is backed by the Tier1® Guarantee:

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Package Qty1
Used In BrandsCulligan
Manufacturer's IdSF-WHR-140
Advertised Size (in)1-5/8 x 2
Actual Size (in)1.625 x 2 x 2
MediaKDF Media and Activated Carbon
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon Block
Post Filter MediaKDF Media
Filter Life (gallons)10,000
Filter Life (liters)38,000
Filter Life (months)6 months
Operating Pressure (psi)40 - 80
Operating Temperature (°F)86 - 176
Operating Temperature (°C)30 - 80
Flow Rate (gpm)2.5
Flow Rate (lpm)9.5
Country of ManufactureChina
Primary Filter MediaActivated Carbon Block

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1-SF-WHR-140 reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Sulfur Odor

The TIER1-SF-WHR-140 is comparable with the following part numbers


The TIER1-SF-WHR-140 fits the following model numbers

WSH-C125 RDSH-C115
HSH-C135 HSH-BN135
ISH-100 ISH-200
ISH-300 S-H200-C
S-H200-BN S-W100-C


  1. 1. Remove stickers from the filter.
  2. 2. Hold the body of the shower head in one hand. Use the other hand and turn the ribbed ring behind the face counterclockwise.
  3. 3. Pull the white cartridge up and to the side to remove.
  4. 4. Place the new filter cartridge down into the cavity until seated.
  5. 5. Align the threads until the faceplate clicks into the cavity and then turn the entire faceplate clockwise until secure.
  6. 6. Flush with HOT water for 1 minute before use.