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PUR RF-9999 Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge (3-Stage)

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PUR RF-9999 Faucet Filter Replacement Cartridge (3-Stage)

Our#: RF-9999
$19.99 Retail Price:  $27.59
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  • The RF-9999 is comparable with the following part numbers


    Replacement for the Following UPC

    10723987005437 723987005430
    723987005416 723987005430
    723987005447 723987005454
    723987007557 723987199993

    Fits the Following Model Numbers

    FM-3000 FM-3333 FM-3333B FM-3333B-NM
    FM-3333BNM FM-3350 FM-3400 FM-3400B
    FM-3500 FM-3500B FM-3550 FM-3600
    FM-3700 FM-3700B FM-3800 FM-4010-L
    FM-4100 FM-4100B FM-4200-L FM-4300-L
    FM-4400 FM-4500-L FM-4550-L FM-4600-B
    FM-4700-L FM-4800-B FM-4900-L FM-5050B
    FM-5050C FM-7300 FM-7400 FM-7500
    FM-7600 FM-8100 FM-8200 FM-8300
    FM-8400 FM-8500 FM-8700 FM-8800
    FM-9000 FM-9100 FM-9300 FM-9400
    FM-9400B FM-9500 FM-9600 FM-9600B
    FM-9700 FM-9800 FM-9900
  • Contaminants

    This product reduces the following contaminants:
    • The RF-9999 does not reduce fluoride.