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Frigidaire WF2CB Electrolux EWF01 EWF2CBPA Comparable Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement and DishFish (3 Pack) by Tier1

Price: $85.09
Availability: In Stock
Fits refrigerators with a slide-out filter cartridge located in the front of the refrigerator compartment

Price as configured Price: $85.09

  • Reduces chlorine taste and odor, sediment, silt, sand, and turbidity
  • Easy installation requires no tools, simple twist to install
  • Lasts for up to 6 months of water filtration
  • DishFish antimicrobial material inhibits bacterial growth and dries quickly
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Maximize your value with a fridge filter bundle from Tier1. The Frigidaire WF2CB Electrolux EWF01 EWF2CBPA comparable refrigerator water filter replacement and DishFish (3 Pack) by Tier1 provides three high quality fridge filters with an amazing dual scrubbing sponge called the DishFish. The Frigidaire WF2CB comparable filters reduce sediment, sand, silt, turbidity, and chlorine taste and odor which normally make water seem unpleasant and displeasing. These filters each filter for up to 200 gallons or 6 months of water optimally before needing to be replaced. The DishFish is makes cleaning simple with multipurpose scrubbing and sponge sides. The scrubber side is made from antibacterial material which inhibits the growth of bacteria and uses powercell technology to allow the sponge to quickly dry and dislodge loose debris. This scratch free scrubber adds functionality and strength to the sponge and does not degrade with use. Make cleaning easy and water clear with this Tier1 bundle.

Experience the Tier1 Difference

Tier1 manufactures high-quality filtration and household products. We take creating and maintaining a healthy home seriously. Products must undergo rigorous testing and meet demanding quality expectations in order to earn the Tier1 badge. Every purchase is backed by the Tier1® Guarantee:

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  • Guaranteed Quality
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Package Qty 4
UPC 0810004474246
Actual Size (cm) 6 3/4 inches (Length) x 5 1/8 inches (Width) x 2 inches (Depth)
Filter Life (gallons) 200
Filter Life (liters) 757.08
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Operating Pressure (psi) 20 - 120
Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 37.8
Flow Rate (gpm) .5
Flow Rate (lpm) 1.89
Color White
Certifications Independently Tested against NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Warranty Guarantee Unconditional Product Guarantee for Life of the Product
Includes 3 filter replacements each with 2 face plates and 1 DishFish

Reduced Contaminants

The TIER1_RWF1031_DISHFISH_3_PACK reduces the following contaminants:

  • Chlorine Taste & Odor
  • Rust and Corrosion
  • Sand
  • Sediment
  • Silt
  • Turbidity

The TIER1_RWF1031_DISHFISH_3_PACK is comparable with the following part numbers

WF2CB 04609911000 04609916000 9911
9916 469911 469916 76080000
218732308 218732309 218732310 240396401
240396402 240396403 240396404 240396405
240396406 240396701 240508034 241527301
241968501 241968503 4609911000 241968506
4609916000 218732309A 218732309B 218732309C
218732309D 218732309E 218732309F 218732309G
46-9911 46-9916 69625-ct-001 9911P
9916P AP2538969 FC100 FC-100
MB100 MB-100 MBFC2003 MBFC-2003
NGFC2000 NGFC-2000 PS503621 PS898865
WF2CB TIER1-RWF1031 RWF1031 218732216
218732316 241932301 241988703 EAFWF01
FC-300 PS2369689 Pure Advantage NGFC 2000 EWF2CBPA

Installation Guide


  1. DO NOT use any tools to install this filter
  2. Press the button to the right of the filter to release it
  3. Pull the old filter straight out and discard (don't worry, the water will shut off automatically)
  4. Push the new filter in VERY FIRMLY until you hear it CLICK into place
  5. The filter can be difficult to lock into place, and may take more force than you expect
  6. Once it LOCKS in place, the filter releases a water valve that lets water flow through the filter
  7. Reset your change filter light (if your fridge has one)
  8. To condition the filter system, run water through the dispenser for approximately 3 minutes before use.

Reset Instructions

  1. Press and hold the reset button on the dispenser until the green light flashes (up to 15 seconds)