Making The Switch From Soda To Water Painless

Soda Vs Water Tips Cola is often packed with sugars, sodium, and phosphoric acid--all dangerously unhealthy if consumed in large amounts.

It seems like we’ve all made the same New Year’s resolutions: Get in shape and save money. One of the best ways to accomplish both of those goals is to switch from drinking soda to water.

We’ve all heard that drinking plenty of water promotes good health; it’s true! Water flushes our bodies of toxins and doesn’t contain all the sugars and chemicals that sodas have. Not only that, but with the average family spending between $20-30 per month on soda (including fountain drinks), water is a much cheaper alternative!

Giving up our favorite vices can be tough, but there are easy ways to make drinking water more enjoyable. Here are some tips for turning your water from dull to delicious:

  • Avoid bottled water.
    It may sound great to simply buy bottled water instead of soda, but not as much as you think. The quality of most bottled water is about the same as tap water. Empty bottles (if not recycled) fill up landfills, causing waste and pollution. And store-bought water can cost more per gallon than gasoline!
  • Drink filtered water.
    Passing your drinking water through a filter will greatly improve the taste and remove any harmful contaminants. Most modern refrigerators with a water or ice dispenser have a built-in water filter, though you can also install inline filters. You can also use a water pitcher or dispenser with a water filter built in to keep anywhere in your kitchen. The cost of any of these options easily fall way below what you’d spend on soda.
  • Keep chilled water in your fridge.
    There’s something about drinking crisp, cold water that makes it much more refreshing to drink. No matter the weather, a glass of ice water always seems to hit the spot.
  • Make tea or drink mixes.
    Drinking tea is a tasty way of weaning yourself away from caffeine (in case that was another of your resolutions). You can either brew it or use packets of flavored tea mixes. Other mixed drinks like Kool-Aid are inexpensive and better still, kids love them! They also contain far less sugar than sodas, providing a healthier alternative for yourself and your family.
  • Add a touch of something.
    Slipping in a slice of lemon can add some zest to your water. (And it’s good for digestion, too!) If you’re not a fan of sour flavors, most any citrus fruits (like oranges) can give your drinking water that extra zing. Another healthy tip is to add a few slices of cucumber to give your water a pleasing aroma along with an energizing flavor.
  • Enjoy a mini smoothie!
    Crush some sweet fruit like strawberries at the bottom of your glass before giving your water a pour. Mix it up with a straw to experience a healthy, inexpensive smoothie! You’ll get your fix for something sweet along with a texture that’s satisfying.