Built-In LCD Screens

LG LSC27990TT Refrigerator The LG LSC27990TT model refrigerator with built-in LCD HDTV screen.

You know that we’re officially in the future when refrigerators have begun coming out with built-in LCD TV screens!

If you love to cook, preparing decent meals can keep you tied up in the kitchen for an hour or more. In the past few years, refrigerator manufacturers have taken this fact into consideration and have begun adding LCD television screens to their new high-end refrigerators. By this, they hope to make the monotony of long baking times a bit less tiresome by letting you stay connected to your favorite TV shows at the same time.

Many models, like the LG LSC27990TT, offer a high-definition screen that can be hooked up to any DVD player. Similar models of fridge offer other features that turn the refrigerator into an interactive information center. Using the screen, you can access handy tools like built-in recipe banks, calendars, online news and weather information, or a slideshow made from your own digital photo album.

These types of refrigerators may appeal primarily to the hardcore technophiles, as they tend to run a few thousand dollars more than the average fridge. However, if you could use a little distraction or take part in your own Iron Chef competition, there are options for you!