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Welcome To Your Refrigerator!

Frigidaire GLHS39EHS
The Frigidaire GLHS39EHS model refrigerator.

Over the past 200 years, the refrigerator has become more than just a luxury. It’s become a household staple, occupying over 99.5% of America’s kitchens. You may not have thought much about your own fridge, but can you imagine how we'd live without them? That’s a lot of ice cream that we’d miss out on!

The history of the refrigerator is rich with innovations that revolutionized modern industry and domestic culture. In the past few decades alone, refrigerator manufacturers have engineered new features that have transformed the fridge from a common appliance to the kitchen’s center for convenience. By adding features like water dispensers, ice makers, and LCD displays , they’ve changed the way we manage our kitchen.

In the pages you find here, it’s our hope to offer an in-depth look at the family fridge. Whether to you need practical information or have a casual curiosity, we’re here to serve!