Omnifilter Logo The Omnifilter brand logo.

Omnifilter is a brand of the Omni Corporation, a company that has become resolute toward producing convenient whole-house water filtration systems. Founded in 1970, their primary business goal is to create water filtration systems that are easily-affordable and also offer user-friendly installation. Their intent is to eliminate the unnecessary expense on the customer of plumbing services and price mark-ups on parts. Through their Omnifilter brand, they can interact more closely with their customers and keep their filter prices low.

Over the past 20 years, Omnifilter has been able to design whole house filters that are able to sift out more and more contaminants found in water. Omnifilter also makes water filters for the refrigerator, shower, and faucet. The line of Omnifilter water filters is compatible with a wide variety of water filtration systems and brands.