Sears Kenmore

Sears Kenmore Logo The Sears Kenmore brand logo.

When Sears first debuted their Kenmore brand in 1927, they introduced their own line of wringer washing machines. After World War II, Sears moved on from laundry to kitchen appliances and now have products ranging from air purifiers to BBQ grills. Kenmore has since grown to be one of the top-selling brands in America.

There’s a good chance that you have a Kenmore product in your home, but what most people don’t know is that Kenmore is not a "real" manufacturer. Many companies such as Whirlpool, Electrolux, and Panasonic manufacture their products rebranded as Kenmore to be sold through Sears. This has been a successful tactic for bringing in repeat business, since customers specifically looking for Kenmore replacement parts (such as Kenmore water filters) believe that they can only find them at Sears stores.

Sears also markets their high-end products under the Kenmore Elite brand.