Edrin Molecular Formula Diagram of the endrin molecular formula, C12H8Cl6O

Endrin is a pesticide used against insects, rodents, and birds for field crops. This odorless, off-white substance is most commonly used on cotton, though it’s also used on rice, sugar, tobacco, and some grain crops. While endrin has been banned in many countries, it’s still used in the United States.

Like many pesticides, endrin enters surface water by way of rain or irrigation runoff. It’s been estimated that endrin can keep a halflife of 10 years while in soil. It’s incredibly toxic to aquatic life and is damaging to human central nervous systems.

Symptoms of short-term exposure to endrin include tremors, difficulty breathing, confusion, and convulsions. Long-term exposure can result in further damage to the nervous system and liver damage.

The Whirlpool 4396710 refrigerator water filter is designed to remove endrin from your refrigerator’s drinking water.