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Eva-Dry E-150 Silica Gel Moisture Absorbing 2 Pack

Price: $18.99
Availability: In Stock
Best in small spaces, works up to a 150 cubic ft. area
  • Reduces mold and mildew growth potential
  • Compact and disposable
  • Lasts up to 45 days
  • Easy to use
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The EVA-DRY-E-150 is an absorbent non-toxic silica gel based technology that removes excess water and undesired odors from small areas for up to 45 days! The gel which comes in small packets is a micro absorbing material that removes water from humid and damp areas, changing color when the package is ready to be replaced. Its convenient compact design allows the product to be easily transported and placed in small areas that need its beneficial effects. Areas such as purses, travel and duffle bags, camera cases, and shoes are examples of places that greatly benefit from moisture removal. Order your EVA-DRY-E-150 packs today and enjoy their odor reducing and water removal results!
Package Qty 2
Manufacturer's Id E-150
UPC 832856000480
Media Weight (oz) 8

Reduced Contaminants


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