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Electrolux Pure Advantage EWF01 Refrigerator Water Filter Combo with EAFCBF Air Filter

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Electrolux Pure Advantage EWF01 Refrigerator Water Filter Combo with EAFCBF Air Filter


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This item is no longer available.

  • Details

    This item is no longer available.
    • Ships fast!
    • Produces great tasting water for up to 6 months
    • Removes chlorine taste and odor
    • Fridge filter NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 certified
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Genuine OEM Product

    The ELUXCOMBO is comparable with the following part numbers

    Electrolux 241988703 EWF01 PS2369689
    218732216 EAFCBF EWF2CB02
    218732316 EAFWF01 FC-300
    241932301 ELUXCOMBO FC300

    Replacement for the Following UPC


    Fits the Following Model Numbers

    E23BC68JPS0 E23BC68JPS1 E23BC68JSS0 E23BC68JSS1
    E23BC78IPS1 E23BC78IPS2 E23BC78IPS3 E23BC78IPS4
    E23BC78IPS5 E23BC78IPS6 E23BC78ISS4 E23BC78ISS5
    E23BC78ISS6 EI23BC36IB1 EI23BC36IB2 EI23BC36IS0
    EI23BC36IS1 EI23BC36IS2 EI23BC36IS3 EI23BC36IW0
    EI23BC36IW1 EI23BC36IW2 EI23BC51IB0 EI23BC51IB1
    EI23BC51IB2 EI23BC51IS0 EI23BC51IS1 EI23BC51IS2
    EI23BC51IS3 EI23BC51IW0 EI23BC51IW1 EI23BC51IW2
    EI23BC56IB1 EI23BC56IB2 EI23BC56IB3 EI23BC56IB4
    EI23BC56IB6 EI23BC56IS1 EI23BC56IS2 EI23BC56IS3
    EI23BC56IS4 EI23BC56IS5 EI23BC56IS6 EI23BC56IW1
    EI23BC56IW2 EI23BC56IW3 EI23BC56IW6 EI23CS55GB0
    EI23CS55GB1 EI23CS55GB2 EI23CS55GB3 EI23CS55GB4
    EI23CS55GB5 EI23CS55GB6 EI23CS55GS0 EI23CS55GS1
    EI23CS55GS2 EI23CS55GS3 EI23CS55GS4 EI23CS55GS5
    EI23CS55GS6 EI23CS55GW0 EI23CS55GW1 EI23CS55GW2
    EI23CS55GW3 EI23CS55GW4 EI23CS55GW5 EI23CS55GW6
    EI23SS55HB0 EI23SS55HB1 EI23SS55HS0 EI23SS55HS1
    EI23SS55HW0 EI23SS55HW1 EI26SS55GB0 EI26SS55GB1
    EI26SS55GB2 EI26SS55GB3 EI26SS55GB4 EI26SS55GB5
    EI26SS55GS0 EI26SS55GS1 EI26SS55GS2 EI26SS55GS3
    EI26SS55GS4 EI26SS55GS5 EI26SS55GW0 EI26SS55GW1
    EI26SS55GW2 EI26SS55GW3 EI26SS55GW4 EI26SS55GW5
    EI27BS26JB0 EI27BS26JB1 EI27BS26JS0 EI27BS26JS1
    EI27BS26JW0 EI27BS26JW1 EI28BS36IB0 EI28BS36IB1
    EI28BS36IB2 EI28BS36IS0 EI28BS36IS1 EI28BS36IS2
    EI28BS36IS3 EI28BS36IW0 EI28BS36IW1 EI28BS36IW2
    EI28BS51IB0 EI28BS51IB1 EI28BS51IB2 EI28BS51IS0
    EI28BS51IS1 EI28BS51IS2 EI28BS51IS3 EI28BS51IW0
    EI28BS51IW1 EI28BS51IW2 EI28BS56IB1 EI28BS56IB2
    EI28BS56IB3 EI28BS56IB4 EI28BS56IB5 EI28BS56IB6
    EI28BS56IS1 EI28BS56IS2 EI28BS56IS3 EI28BS56IS4
    EI28BS56IS5 EI28BS56IS6 EI28BS56IS7 EI28BS56IW1
    EI28BS56IW2 EI28BS56IW3 EI28BS56IW4 EI28BS56IW5
    EW23BC71IB1 EW23BC71IB2 EW23BC71IB3 EW23BC71IB4
    EW23BC71IB6 EW23BC71IB7 EW23BC71IS1 EW23BC71IS2
    EW23BC71IS3 EW23BC71IS4 EW23BC71IS5 EW23BC71IS6
    EW23BC71IS7 EW23BC71IW1 EW23BC71IW2 EW23BC71IW3
    EW23BC71IW4 EW23BC71IW6 EW23BC71IW7 EW23CS65GB0
    EW23CS65GB1 EW23CS65GB2 EW23CS65GB3 EW23CS65GB4
    EW23CS65GS0 EW23CS65GS1 EW23CS65GS2 EW23CS65GS3
    EW23CS65GS4 EW23CS65GW0 EW23CS65GW1 EW23CS65GW2
    EW23CS65GW3 EW23CS65GW4 EW23CS70IB0 EW23CS70IB1
    EW23CS70IB2 EW23CS70IB3 EW23CS70IS0 EW23CS70IS1
    EW23CS70IS2 EW23CS70IS3 EW23CS70IW0 EW23CS70IW1
    EW23CS70IW2 EW23CS70IW3 EW23SS65HB0 EW23SS65HB1
    EW23SS65HB2 EW23SS65HB3 EW23SS65HB4 EW23SS65HB5
    EW23SS65HS0 EW23SS65HS1 EW23SS65HS2 EW23SS65HS3
    EW23SS65HS4 EW23SS65HS5 EW23SS65HS6 EW23SS65HW0
    EW23SS65HW1 EW23SS65HW2 EW23SS65HW3 EW23SS65HW4
    EW23SS65HW5 EW26SS65GB0 EW26SS65GB1 EW26SS65GB2
    EW26SS65GB3 EW26SS65GB4 EW26SS65GS0 EW26SS65GS1
    EW26SS65GS2 EW26SS65GS3 EW26SS65GS4 EW26SS65GW0
    EW26SS65GW1 EW26SS65GW2 EW26SS65GW3 EW26SS65GW4
    EW26SS70IB0 EW26SS70IB1 EW26SS70IB2 EW26SS70IB3
    EW26SS70IS0 EW26SS70IS1 EW26SS70IS2 EW26SS70IS3
    EW26SS70IW0 EW26SS70IW1 EW26SS70IW2 EW26SS70IW3
    EW28BS71IB1 EW28BS71IB2 EW28BS71IB3 EW28BS71IB4
    EW28BS71IB5 EW28BS71IB6 EW28BS71IB8 EW28BS71IS1
    EW28BS71IS2 EW28BS71IS3 EW28BS71IS4 EW28BS71IS5
    EW28BS71IS6 EW28BS71IS7 EW28BS71IS8 EW28BS71IW1
    EW28BS71IW2 EW28BS71IW3 EW28BS71IW4 EW28BS71IW5
    EW28BS71IW6 EW28BS71IW8 EI26SS55GSO E126SS55GSO
  • Instructions

    Resetting Your Filter Change Indicator

  • Contaminants

    Reduces the following contaminants:
    • The ELUXCOMBO does not reduce fluoride.


    Package Qty 2
    Primary Contaminants N/A
    Used In Brands Electrolux
    Manufacturer's Id ELUXCOMBO
    UPC 635510407492
    Actual Size (in) 6 3/4 inches (length) x 4 1/4 inches (width) x 2 1/4 inches (height)
    Actual Size (cm) 17.15 x 10.795 x 5.715
    Media Carbon Block
    Primary Filter Media Activated Carbon Block
    Filter Life (gallons) 400
    Filter Life (liters) 1514.16
    Filter Life (months) 6 months
    Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 100
    Operating Temperature (°F) 33 - 100
    Operating Temperature (°C) 0.6 - 37.8
    Flow Rate (gpm) 0.5
    Flow Rate (lpm) 1.893
    Certifications NSF/ANSI Standard 42, NSF/ANSI Standard 53
    Includes One EAFCBF air filter
    Primary Filter Media N/A