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Cerama Bryte 20928 28-Ounce Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner

$15.99 List Price $22.99 Save 30%
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Safe for use on all radiant and halogen cooktops

  • Quickly removes tough stains without scratching
  • Easy to use - just apply, rub lightly, and dry
  • Recommended for all smoothtop stove brands
  • For tough cooked-on stains use the CERAMA BRYTE Scraper

You've invested a lot of hard earned cash into that fancy new smooth cooktop. Wouldn't you like to keep it looking like new? With CeramaBryte Cleaner, your new cooktop will stay that way.

What makes CermaBryte different?

Even cleaners with mild abrasives can leave a haze of tiny scratches on your nice new ceramic cooktop. CeramaBryte products are uniquely developed to remove even the toughest cooked-on stains and never leave a scratch. And don't take our word for it - CeramaBryte has been tested and qualified for CERAN

Package Qty1
Used In BrandsCerama Bryte
Manufacturer's Id20928
Container Size (oz)28 oz
Container Size (ml)828.06

Reduced Contaminants

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