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Cerama Bryte 81 Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 11-piece Kit

$19.99 List Price $25.29 Save 20%
Availability: Discontinued

SAVE $3 when you buy this 11-piece kit

  • One 28-oz. bottle of CERAMA BRYTE Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner
  • One CERAMA BRYTE scraper
  • Nine CERAMA BRYTE cleaning pads

You've invested a lot of hard earned cash into that fancy new smooth cooktop. Wouldn't you like to keep it looking like new? With our 11-piece CeramaBryte kit, your new cooktop will stay that way for a long time.

What makes CermaBryte different?

Even cleaners with mild abrasives can leave a haze of tiny scratches on your nice new ceramic cooktop. CeramaBryte products are uniquely developed to remove even the toughest cooked-on stains and never leave a scratch. And don't take our word for it, CeramaBryte has been tested and qualified for CERAN® by SCHOTT GLAS - the inventor of the Glass-Ceramic cooktop with over 50 million cooktops sold worldwide.


  • Is safe and recommended for all brands of radiant and halogen cooktop
  • Quickly removes even the toughest burnt-on stains without scratching
  • Keeps your cooktop looking like new

Cooktop Cleaner

Many of our customers swear by this stuff. It easily cleans tough stains from your cooktop and leaves a shiny polished surface. CERAMA BRYTE Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner is made for cleaning all brands of radiant and halogen smoothtop stoves. It removes tough stains without scratching. It works great on shower doors too.


The CERAMA BRYTE scraper removes cooked-on residue off your radiant and halogen cooktops. The scraper contains a standard replaceable straight razor blade. It has a nice handle so that you can scrape without risk of cutting yourself and it has a retractable cover to protect the blade and your fingers.

Cleaning Pads

The CERAMA BRYTE cleaning pads are designed for use with the CERAMA BRYTE Cleaner and are safe and effective on all glass-ceramic cooktops. We've included enough pads in this kit so you can throw one away after each use, ensuring that you won't scratch your cooktop with grit picked up elsewhere in your kitchen.

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