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Cerama Bryte 212 Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 26-piece Kit

$41.99 List Price $59.99 Save 30%
Availability: Discontinued

SAVE $12 when you buy this 26-piece kit

  • 2 Bottles of Cooktop Cleaner
  • 2 Containers of Cooktop Cleaner Touchups
  • 2 Bottles of Burnt-On Grease Remover
  • 2 Cooktop Scrapers
  • 18 Cooktop Cleaning Pads

You've invested a lot of hard earned cash into that fancy new smooth cooktop. Wouldn't you like to keep it looking like new? With our 26-piece CeramaBryte kit, your new cooktop will stay that way for a long, long time.

What makes CermaBryte different?

Even cleaners with mild abrasives can leave a haze of tiny scratches on your nice new ceramic cooktop. CeramaBryte products are uniquely developed to remove even the toughest cooked-on stains and never leave a scratch. And don't take our word for it, CeramaBryte has been tested and qualified for CERAN® by SCHOTT GLAS - the inventor of the Glass-Ceramic cooktop with over 50 million cooktops sold worldwide.


  • Is safe and recommended for all brands of radiant and halogen cooktop
  • Quickly removes even the toughest burnt-on stains without scratching
  • Keeps your cooktop looking like new

Can I clean other things with CermaBryte?

CERAMA BRYTE's gentle and yet powerful formula is perfect for cleaning and polishing:

  • Stainless Steel, Cultured Marble, and Porcelain Sinks
  • Glass Shower Doors
  • Fiberglass Bath/Shower Walls
  • Glass Cookware
  • Metal Pots & Pans
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