AquaFresh WF537 Refrigerator Water Filter

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  • Economic alternative to expensive substitutes
  • Easy installation
  • Provides clean and clear tasting water
  • Does not remove minerals which may be beneficial to health
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The AquaFresh WF537 is a compatible refrigerator water filter replacement for the Whirlpool W10295370, and EveryDrop EDR1RXD1. The WF537 helps reduce chlorine taste and odor, giving you fresh, great-tasting drinking water. It's recommended you replace the WF537 every 6 months to maximize performance.
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Used In Brands Kenmore
Manufacturer's Id WF537
UPC 850642007277
Actual Size (in) 7.5 inches (length) x 2.175 inches (width) x 2.175 inches (depth)
Media Coconut Carbon Block
Filter Life (gallons) 200
Filter Life (months) 6 months
Operating Pressure (psi) 30 - 125
Maximum Operating Pressure (psi) 125
Operating Temperature (°F) 38 - 100
Maximum Temperature (°F) 100
Flow Rate (gpm) .5
Certifications NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Warranty Guarantee 30 Day Limited Warranty

The AQUAFRESH-WF537 is comparable with the following part numbers

FILTER1 EDR1RXD1 PS2378001 W10295370A
W10276924 W10291030 469930 P4RFWB
46-9930 46-9081 469081 9081
9930 9930P 04609930000


  1. First locate the water filter cover door in the upper right hand corner of the refrigerator interior.
  2. Open the filter cover door by gently lifting it up.
  3. As the door opens, the filter will be released and eject slightly from the housing.
  4. Pull the filter straight out and discard.
  5. Align the notches on new filter and push the filter straight into the receiver.
  6. Close the filter door to complete the filter installation.
  7. Run the dispenser for 5 minutes to purge all of the air out of the new filter.
  8. Reset your filter change light (if your refrigerator has one).
  9. Installation should comply with all state and local regulations.

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