Affiliate Program

Do you have a site that caters to health, water quality or the environment? Or maybe a blog that brings attention to parenting or household maintenance? If so, your site can earn money with the FridgeFilters affiliate program. By providing customers with top-rated brands and a catalog of the best filter products, the FridgeFilters affiliate program is the perfect addition to your site. Read below on how you can sign up and start earning today!

Q: What is affiliate marketing?

A: Affiliate marketing is a specialized internet marketing practice based around rewarding affiliates (also known as publishers) for driving traffic from one website to another. Generally, affiliates place links or banners on their website to send visitors or customers to the advertiser's website. Based on meeting certain criteria, the affiliate is then paid for the referrals.

Q: What technical skills do I need?

A: Affiliates or someone associated with their site needs to know how to copy and paste HTML code and place it accurately within the code of a web page. You can get further technical support through the “Help” function provided in the Impact Radius interface.

Q: How do I know if my site is eligible for the FridgeFilters affiliate program?

A: FridgeFilters works with sites that we feel are well qualified to send us new customer referrals. We especially encourage sites that have relevant content to apply. We reserve the right to refuse affiliate partnership to any site including, but not limited to, sites which contain objectionable material, including pornography, explicit language or content, or support violence or discrimination.

Q: My site is not live yet. Can I still join?

A: No, you must have a live, well-designed and actively managed site to qualify for our program.

Q: How much commission can I earn as a FridgeFilter affiliate?

A: Our affiliate program pays 4% commission on every sale.

Q: What if a customer doesn't purchase right away, but purchases later by going directly to the FridgeFilters website?

A: We have a 30 day cookie duration which means you can earn commissions up to 30 days after someone clicks on your FridgeFilters link and makes a purchase.

Q: What does it cost to join the FridgeFilters affiliate program?

A: Joining our program is absolutely free!

Q: How can I apply to be an affiliate of the FridgeFilters program?

A: To apply, click here. /p>

Q: How do I get started?

A: Once you apply to the FridgeFilters program and are accepted, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access text links and banners in Impact Radius. You will be able to select from a variety of links including logos, banners and text links. You are free to place any of these links on your site and you'll be able to start earning commission immediately.

Q: What is Impact Radius?

A: Impact Radius is a performance advertising platform that connects advertisers and publishers directly for the delivery of performance campaigns, including affiliate programs. Impact Radius provides tracking, reporting and monthly commission payments for the FridgeFilters Affiliate Program. It’s also the site affiliates logon to in order to access text links and banners.

Q: What creative materials will FridgeFilters be able to provide?

A: FridgeFilters provides text links and banner ads in a variety of sizes that can be found in Impact Radius. Feel free to choose the ones that you think will appeal to your visitors the most and place them on your site! In addition, we are always updating our text links and banners to keep your content fresh!

Q: Can I utilize search marketing to promote FridgeFilters?

A: Affiliates are permitted to use search marketing as a promotional method, however bidding on brand terms, brand + coupon-related terms, and brand misspellings/variations is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can I issue a press release or say that I'm a partner of FridgeFilters?

A: Press releases featuring FridgeFilters must be reviewed and approved by the FridgeFilters affiliate team prior to publishing. Please contact us at

Q: How can I get more information about Impact Radius?

A: For more information about Impact Radius, please visit their website at

Q: Who is NetX?

A: NetX is an Online Direct Response Agency that builds Custom Partnership Networks for Efficiency Driven Advertisers. We help a wide variety of website publishers earn revenue through our exclusive partnership with leading e-marketers. For more information, visit